The Dormouse


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  • Author: Pat Morris & Paul Bright
  • Date Pub: 2005
  • ISBN: ISBN 0906282535
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  • Published byThe Mammal Society - more

Paperback, 28 pages, col photos, b/w illus, graphs.
New edition of this excellent booklet on the dormouse, which revises and replaces the 1992 first edition.

It describes the biology of the dormouse and the conservation efforts that are being carried out to prevent it from disappearing from the UK countryside. The authors have studied these captivating animals for over 20 years and have initiated most of the conservation efforts to save them. They have been instrumental in setting up the captive breeding group for dormice, organising the re-introductions of dormice to counties that have lost them and in running the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme.

ISBN: 0906282535

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