The Dictionary of Science for Gardeners


  • Author: Allaby M
  • Date Pub: Oct 2015
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9781604694833
  • Published byTimber Press - more

This must-have reference will help you navigate the complex world of science. It defines more than 6,000 words from 16 branches of science that are of particular interest to gardeners, from abscission (a plant’s rejection of an organ) to zoochory (the dispersal of seeds by animals). Hundreds of illustrations clarify key definitions and help explain abstract concepts.
6000 Scientific Terms Explored and Explained

ISBN-10: 1604694831ISBN, 13: 9781604694833

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Format Hardcover
Pages 556 pp.
Book dimensions 7 x 9 in. (230 x 180 mm.)
Images 137 b/w illustrations

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