The Butterfly Red List for Great Britain. JNCC Species Status no. 12


  • Author: Fox, R., Warren, M.S., and Brereton, T.M.
  • Date Pub: 2010
  • Published byJNCC - more

This report has been produced as part of the Joint Nature Conservation Committee’s Species Status Assessment project and contains the first assessment of British butterflies against the new IUCN criteria (IUCN, 2001). Butterflies are known to be
one of the most rapidly declining groups of plants or animals (Thomas et al, 2004). All 62 resident and regularly breeding species (species that breed in Great Britain every year) were assessed, including three regular migratory species (Clouded Yellow Colias croceus, Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta and Painted Lady V. cardui).
ISSN 1473-0154 (hard copy)
Assessments are produced as Red Lists or as broader National Reviews of taxonomic groups of species. To enable
assessments to reach as many practitioners as possible, the texts are made freely available via the JNCC web site ( as well as hard copy publications.

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