The Biology of Aquatic and Wetland Plants


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  • Author: Ervin, Gary, N.
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  • ISBN: 9781482232042
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  • An up to date, comprehensive and thorough textbook in aquatic plant biology
  • Numerous pedagogical features including downloadable images, electronic appendices, supplemental reading
  • lists, external sources of related images, informational boxes, sidebars and chapter overviews
  • Liberal use of instructive color illustrations
  • Useful primarily as a textbook but also as a comprehensive reference
  • The Biology of Aquatic and Wetland Plants is thorough and up to date textbook for aquatic and wetland plant biology. Aquatic plants occupy a crucially important role in maintaining ecosystem health. They are natural biological filters in freshwater and estuarine wetlands; they contribute to the reproductive success of many organisms including those that are harvested for food; they assist in flood control; and they are prominent elements in the aesthetic and recreational factors of freshwater and estuarine habitats. Additional topics covered in this volume include population genetics, evolutionary ecology, landscape ecology, and climate change.

    Introduction. Overview. Evolution and Biogeography of Aquatic and Wetland Plants. Environmental Factors and Plant Adaptations. Hydrology of Wetlands and Aquatic Habitats. Oxygen Availability in the Water and Wetland Sediments. Carbon Dioxide Availability in the Air and Water. Light Availability Above and Within the Water. Sediment Biogeochemistry and Mineral Nutrition. Individuals, Populations, and Species. Reproduction. Population Biology & Evolutionary Ecology. Communities, Ecosystems, and Landscapes. Interactions Among Plant Species. Other Important Interactions. Aquatic and Wetland Communities. Applications. Anthropogenic and Global-scale Threats. Management Considerations.

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    512 pages
    110 Color Illus. 220 B/W Illus.

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