The Apocynaceae of Namibia. Series: Strelitzia Volume: 34


-The Flora of Namibia is dominated by the families Poaceae, Asteraceae and Fabaceae. Here, an account of the Apocynaceae, the seventh largest family in Namibia, is presented. A total of 153
species belonging to 46 genera are recorded as occurring naturally for the country and 19 of 11 these species are endemic to Namibia, with two endemic genera. More than half of these 153 species belong to the tribe Ceropegieae, with the highly succulent group, the stapeliads, represented by 58 species. It is shown that the family is most diverse in the extreme south of the country, in the Rosh Pinah and in the Karasburg districts. The distribution of each species is mapped and, for many genera, one species is illustrated with line drawings. Lectotypes are selected for several species.

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164 pages
243 colour photos, b/w line drawings and colour distribution maps.
180 x 240 mm

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