The Aloe Names Book


  • • First compilation of all the names applied to the popular succulent plant genus Aloe
  • • Over 1,500 common names in languages from around the globe
  • • Up-to-date taxonomic information, including Latin names, synonyms and etymology
  • • Searches available for Latin species name, common name or Aloe-derived products
  • • Quality colour photographs of 303 species, over 50% of the entities included in the genus
  • • Essential reference for growers, researchers and agencies responsible for trade in endangered species
  • The Aloe Names Book: Authors: Grace O. M. Klopper, R.R. Figueiredo, E. & Smith G.F.
    The genus Aloe is arguably one of Africa’s most iconic and valued plant genera. It is immensely popular among succulent plant collectors and horticulturalists, and is also the source of several commercially used natural products.
    The aloe names book brings together, for the first time, information on the current taxonomy of each species, the plethora of common names by which aloes are known globally, derivative natural products, as well as hundreds of historical names and the richly descriptive meanings of Latin names used for aloes. Lists of common names, synonyms and aloe-derived products allow quick and easy searching. The text includes an introduction to aloes, comprehensive reference list and colour photographs.
    The aloe names book is essential for succulent enthusiasts, nurserymen, CITES agencies, and natural resource managers. It will also be useful as a field companion for researchers and natural historians interested in ethnobotany and plant use.

    240 pages, 313 colour photographs
    ISBN: 9781842464199

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    210 x 148 mm

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