Taxonomical Revision of the Caloplaca Saxicola Group (Teloschistaceae, lichen-forming Ascomycota)


  • Author: Ester Gaya
  • Date Pub: 2009
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9783443580803
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This volume based on the study of morphological and anatomical characteristics of approximately 650 specimens and their relevant type material presents a revision of the Caloplaca saxicola group (Teloschistaceae, Ascomycetes) of the northern Hemisphere. The specimens and type material studied are documented in drawings of microscopic structures and photos of thallus habit and apothecia.

Furthermore the author presents a key to the taxa covered by this study. A statistical analysis was conducted to verify the significance of the spore characters for identification and completes this study.

As a result of this revision, the following taxa are now part of the C. saxicola group: Caloplaca arnoldii (Wedd.) Zahlbr.; C. arnoldii subsp. clauzadeana Gaya; C. arnoldii subsp. nana Gaya; C. arnoldii subsp. obliterata Gaya; C. arnoldiiconfusa Gaya & Nav.-Ros.; C. biatorina (A. Massal.) J. Steiner; C. decipiens (Arnold) Blomb. & Forssell; C. pseudofulgensia Gaya & Nav.-Ros.; C. pusilla (A. Massal.) Zahlbr.; C. rouxii Gaya, Nav.-Ros. & Llimona; C. saxicola (Hoffm.) Nordin; and C. schistidii (Anzi) Zahlbr.

Softcover, 191 pp. 2 figs, 11 tables, 37 plates (5 coloured).

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