Synopsis Fungorum volume 31: Poroid Fungi of Europe

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  • Author: Ryvarden, Leif, Irenela Melo, Tuomo Niemelä
  • Date Pub: 2014
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9788290724462
  • Published byFUNGIFLORA - more

In English.
This book essentially updates and extends the treatment provided by the principal author in Synopsis Fungorum volume 7 "The Polypores of Europe"
This volume provides a manual with keys and descriptions for 394 poroid fungi known from Europe out of which 210 are illustrated with colour pictures. Black and white drawings are provided for 120 representative species; besides spore drawings are given for some larger genera. Macro- and microscopical characters are described and illustrated and decay and pathological signicance are discussed.
The taxonomic concepts are conservative and pragmatic as the book is primarily a tool for species identification and not a study of the phylogeny of the poroid fungi. Six new combinations are proposed.

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220 colour photographs
130 b/w figs.
455 pages

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