Species Conservation in Managed Habitats : The Myth of a Pristine Nature


  • Author: Kunz, W.
  • Date Pub: 2016 June
  • ISBN: 9783527338450
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Written by an author with longstanding experience in the ecology of insects and birds and with a stellar academic record in molecular life sciences, this is a welcome challenge to the widely held beliefs in conventional environmental policies. Werner Kunz convincingly explains why maintaining high biodiversity in Europe depends heavily on the existence of open space and sparse ground vegetation that is neither used for intensive modern agriculture, nor eliminated by reforestation. He questions the commonly propagated opinion that nature conservation is equivalent to species protection - and shows that technical habitat design can rescue endangered species.

Professor Kunz's closely argued and well referenced critique is nevertheless a highly readable text, which usefully draws together the evidence for adopting new approaches to conservation.

A must-have for environmental agencies, policy makers, ecologists and all who are witnessing the current loss of species in Central Europe.

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293 pages
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