Spatial Analysis: A Guide For Ecologists 2nd Edition


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  • Reviews and compares a broad range of methods, enabling students and researchers to both identify and apply them correctly
  • Includes application boxes and examples, showing how the theoretical results are applied to real situations
  • Examines the state-of-the-art developments in the field, making them more accessible with illustrations and graphs
  • Nowadays, ecologists worldwide recognize the use of spatial analysis as essential. However, because of the fast-growing range of methods available, even an expert might occasionally find it challenging to choose the most appropriate one. Providing the ecological and statistical foundations needed to make the right decision, this second edition builds and expands upon the previous one by: • Encompassing the basic methods for spatial analysis, for both complete census and sample data • Investigating updated treatments of spatial autocorrelation and spatio-temporal analysis • Introducing detailed explanations of currently developing approaches, including spatial and spatio-temporal graph theory, scan statistics, fibre process analysis, and Hierarchical Bayesian analysis • Offering practical advice for specific circumstances, such as how to analyze forest Permanent Sample Plot data and how to proceed with transect data when portions of the data series are missing. Written for graduates, researchers and professionals, this book will be a valuable source of reference for years to come.

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    450 pages
    246 x 189 x 22 mm
    402 b/w illus. 34 tables

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