Some aspects of the botany of the Shetland Isles


This new book on the botany of Shetland is divided into four parts, each detailed more fully than has hitherto been attempted. The first part, and the largest (114 pages), is
an easily readable checklist of all of the 899 taxa which have been reliably recorded from Shetland. Each species has a note of its habitats, frequency, and distribution, and, in many cases, further notes of interest to the general reader. This part concludes with indexes to the Latin and English names. The
second part (6 pages) is a dichotomous key to the twenty-six species of Hieracium (hawkweeds) found in Shetland, eighteen of which are not known outside Shetland. Sadly, several of these endemics are on the verge of extinction. This key would be of help to anyone embarking on a serious study of this group in Shetland. The third part consists of 22 full size colour plates of scanned images of carefully selected herbarium sheets
of all of the endemic plants of the Asteraceae, namely, three species of Taraxacum, eighteen of Hieracium, and one of Pilosella. The last part (34 pages) is a comprehensive bibliography of relevance to the Shetand flora and neighbouring areas in Scandinavia, Iceland, Faroe, and the rest of Britain.
Hardback A4 format
10 preliminary pages, 156 text pages, and 22 colour plates.
A map is included, showing the five botanical recording divisions of the main island.

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