Seedlings : Biology of Plant Establishment


Availability: - Due February 2019

Due February 2019

  • Author: Adkins, S. W. Daws, M.I. Kranner, Ilse Stuppy, Wolfgang
  • Date Pub: 2019
  • ISBN: 9781845937904
  • Published byCABI Publishing - more

Seedling establishment is the most critical phase in plant development, making the seedling an important area in basic and applied research. This new graduate-level textbook presents key topics such as different types of germination, the transition from seed to seedling, hormonal regulation of trophisms and morphogenesis and autotrophy acquisition, going on to consider seedling ecology, how seedlings survive in extreme environments and the seedling stage in weeds, agriculture and environmental plants. Written by authors from diverse fields of study and research, this textbook is an essential resource for students and researchers in plant ecology, botany, agriculture, conservation and restoration ecology.

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256 pages
246 x 189 mm

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