Science and the Garden. The Scientific basis of Horticultural practice.2nd edition


  • Author: eds. Ingram, D.S. Vince-Pru, D .& Gregory, P.J.
  • Date Pub: 2008
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"A thorough update and the introduction of new topics such as biodiversity and conservation has greatly enhanced this new edition: it is a 'must read' for all interested in horticulture and gardening"
John MacLeod, RHS Professor of Horticulture

Most conventional gardening books concentrate on how and when to carry out horticultural tasks such as pruning, seed sowing and taking cuttings. This book is unique in explaining in straightforward terms some of the science that underlies these practices. It is principally a book of 'Why' - Why are plants green? Why should one cut beneath a leaf node when taking cuttings? Why do plants need so much water? But it also goes on to deal with the 'How', providing rationale behind the practical advice.

The coverage is wide-ranging and comprehensive and includes the basic structure and functioning of garden plants, nomenclature, genetics and plant breeding, soil management, environmental factors affecting growth, methods of propagation and production, pest and disease control, post harvest management and storage, and conservation and sustainable horticulture.

368 pp. 135 col illustrations.

ISBN 13: 9781405160636
ISBN 10: 1405160632

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246 x 189 mm , 7.5 x 9.75 in
368 pp. 135 col illustrations.

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