Science and Civilsation in China, Volume 6: Biology and Biological Technology, Part 4: Traditional Botany: An Ethnobotanical Approach.


  • This volume offers a comprehensive and authoritative account of botanical knowledge in China from ancient times to the end of the seventeenth century. In this highly illustrated study, Georges Metailie explores the perception and use of a wealth of plants and vegetation in China before the introduction of modern botany. Drawing from a number of original Chinese texts, which have been translated for the first time, Metailie gives new insights into a variety of aspects of plant knowledge in ancient China.

    Chapters are devoted to traditional botany and sources of classification, aquatic plants, fungi, horticultural techniques, fruit production, grafting and the influences of ancient Chinese plant culture on Europe. This volume combines technical expertise in the identification of plants with historical and anthropological sensitivity to propose a new, non-teleological view of scientific knowledge about the botanical world in ancient China.

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    820 pages,
    332 b/w illus.
    18 tables
    254 x 198 mm

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