Saxifrages: A Definitive Guide to the 2000 species, hybrids and cultivars


  • Author: Malcolm McGregor
  • Date Pub: 2008
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  • 384pp.
  • Contains colour photographs
  • Height: 27.1cm
  • Width: 19.6cm
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  • This book brings together accounts of garden and wild saxifrages, their botany, history, cultivation and propagation. All sections of genus "Saxifraga" are described, first discursively for the general gardener and then from a botanical viewpoint. Malcolm McGregor's advice on using saxifrages in different parts of the garden and his list of the top 100 saxifrages will be invaluable to gardeners new to the genus and to experts who wish to diversify. This is the fascinating story of a true enthusiast's search for saxifrages in the wild, his techniques for successful cultivation, and his continuing quest for information.

    Hardback with dust-cover
    ISBN 13: 9780881928808

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