Rothmaler - Exkursionsflora von Deutschland, Gefäßpflanzen: Kritischer Ergänzungsband, [Rothmaler volume 4 - Field Flora of German Vascular plants: Critical Supplement, 11th edition]


  • Author: Müller , F., Ritz , CM, Welk , E., Wesche , K. (ed.)
  • Date Pub: 2016 September
  • ISBN: 9783827431318
  • Published bySpringer Spektrum - more

A new suppplement for the determination of about 700 families of critical plant genera of the German flora. It includes the following groups: Ranunculus auricomus, Rubus, Sorbus, Hieracium laevigatum, Taraxacum The identification keys have been updated and redesigned to reflect the current state of taxonomic research and provide information on the ecology and distribution in Germany. There are notes on evolutionary biology, taxonomy, characteristics and guidance on collecting plants. New detailed drawings have been made to illustrate these difficult groups. In an accompanying project (funded by the German Research Foundation) some herbarium specimens have been digitized and placed on a new online site.

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  • Condition: New

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X , 222 pages
50 Fig .
190 x 127 mm

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