Reptile Ecology and Conservation. A Handbook of Techniques


  • Author: Dodd, Jr. C.K. (Ed.)
  • Date Pub: 2016
  • ISBN: 9780198726142
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  • Published byOxford University Press - more

  • Integrates the varied themes of reptile field ecology and conservation
  • Describes in each case what the technique is, how it is used, and why (i.e. for what purpose).
  • Includes current field processing techniques involving physiological ecology, genetics, and disease/tissue analysis
  • Clearly explains the use of novel statistical approaches and the role of models in interpreting field results
  • International scope and authorship
  • This practical handbook of reptile field ecology and conservation brings together a distinguished, international group of reptile researchers to provide a state-of-the-art review of the many new and exciting techniques used to study reptiles. The authors describe ecological sampling techniques and how they are implemented to monitor the conservation status and population trends of snakes, lizards, tuatara, turtles, and crocodilians throughout the world. Emphasis is placed on the extent of statistical inference and the biases associated with different techniques and analyses.

    The chapters focus on the application of field research and data analysis for achieving an understanding of reptile life history, population dynamics, movement patterns, thermal ecology, conservation status, and the relationship between reptiles and their environment. The book emphasises the need for thorough planning, and demonstrates how a multi-dimensional approach incorporates information related to morphology, genetics, molecular biology, epidemiology, statistical modelling, animal welfare, and biosecurity. Although accentuating field sampling, sections on experimental applications in laboratories and zoos, thermal ecology, genetics, landscape ecology, disease and biosecurity, and management options are included. Much of this information is scattered in the scientific literature or not readily available, and the intention is to provide an affordable, comprehensive synthesis for use by graduate students, researchers, and practising conservationists worldwide.

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