Reducing Infrastructure Damage by Tree Roots: A Compenduim of Strategies


  • Author: L R Costello & K S Jones
  • Date Pub: 2003
  • Published byISA - more

Damage to infrastructure by tree roots is a major expense for practically every city. This compendium was developed to serve as a concise and comprehensive reference on the subject of tree and infrastructure conflicts. With up-to-date descriptions and assessments of methods used to reduce damage, this resource is intended to provide tree managers, planners, and engineers with the information they need to create effective management plans.
Section 1. Tree-based Strategies: Species selection - Root pruning
Section 2. Infrastructure-based Strategies: Design - Materials
Section 3. Rootzone-based Strategies: Root guidance systems - Soil replacement, modification and management - Water management
+10 Appendices, including case studies and specifications

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100 pages
Illustrated in black & white - line drawings and photographs

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