Wild Your Garden: Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Sanctuary for Nature

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Join the rewilding movement and fill your outdoor space with nature. Wilding your garden will create a little nature reserve and help increase the number of habitats for our wildlife. The Butterfly Brothers are specialists at creating spaces for wildlife; they showed Gardeners’ World and Springwatch how to do it, and now they can help you too. If we all made a place for wildlife in our garden, we’d transform levels of biodiversity and help combat wildlife habitat loss, plummeting pollinator numbers, and carbon emissions. But it’s not just a question of letting the weeds take over – there’s an art and balance to rewilding a garden well so that you can enjoy it too. The Butterfly Brothers are experts at designing wildlife-friendly gardens, and in Wild Your Garden, they show you how to work with nature, support wildlife, and create a self-maintaining, no-dig balance of planting, whether you have a large garden or an urban balcony. Transform a paved-over yard into a lush oasis, create refuges to welcome endangered species, or turn a high-maintenance lawn into a mini-meadow with the potential to absorb carbon and air pollution. The projects don’t require specialist gardening knowledge or lots of land, so whatever size space you have, you can rewild your own little corner of the planet. Be inspired to take action by the Butterfly Brothers and discover the beauty and rewards of sharing your space with nature.

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Re-wilding the garden is a real buzz topic among gardeners, and this latest book by 'Butterfly Brothers' Jim and Joel Ashton goes into great depth about how to do it. * Garden Answers * Loaded with ways to promote biodiversity, the hardback will help you boost the fauna in your outdoor space, whether it's a palatial plot or a bijou balcony. balcony. From digging your own pond to building an insect hotel, the brothers will show you how to create a lush oasis for nature, and reduce your carbon footprint too. * Your Home * This new book by Jim and Joel Ashton (The Butterfly Brothers) shows how to unlock the potential in your garden and boost local biodiversity. From transforming a paved area into a lush oasis to support native species to turning a lawn into a nectar-rich mini meadow, the brothers guide you every step of the way. * Woman's Weekly * Learn how to turn your outdoor space into a haven for wildlife with easy-to-follow projects from The Butterfly Brothers * Gardens Illustrated *

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Jim and Joel Ashton, better known as The Butterfly Brothers, are landscape gardeners specialising in wildlife-attracting projects of all sizes across the UK, including urban and suburban gardens. They have worked closely with Chris Packham, and have appeared on the BBC's Springwatch and Gardeners' World.