Wild Service: Why Nature Needs You


In this all-star ensemble piece, Nick Hayes and a host of insightful collaborators present a hopeful manifesto for a new relationship with the natural world.

Wild Service: Why Nature Needs You Editors: Jon Moses, Nick Hayes Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
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‘A reckoning with our past and a vision for a new ecological future’ Amy-Jane Beer 

‘Seeks to undo the damage of exclusionary ownership through the transformative power of belonging’ Guy Shrubsole 

In May 2022, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences released a paper that measured fourteen European countries on three factors: biodiversity, wellbeing, and nature connectedness. Britain came last in every single category. The findings are clear. We are suffering, and nature is too. Enter ‘Wild Service’ – a visionary concept crafted by the pioneers of the Right to Roam campaign, which argues that humanity’s loss and nature’s need are two sides of the same story. Blending science, nature writing and indigenous philosophy, this groundbreaking book calls for mass reconnection to the land and a commitment to its restoration.

In Wild Service we meet Britain’s new nature defenders: an anarchic cast of guerilla guardians who neither own the places they protect, nor the permission to restore them. Still, they’re doing it anyway. This book is a celebration of their spirit and a call for you to join. So, whether you live in the countryside or the city, want to protect your local river or save our native flora, this is your invitation to rediscover the power in participation – the sacred in your service.

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A reckoning with our past and a vision for a new ecological future -- Amy-Jane BeerSeeks to undo the damage of exclusionary ownership through the transformative power of belonging -- Guy ShrubsolePowerful . . . [Wild Service] is a call to action that might just be the founding text for a new environmentalism. A forthcoming book by a diverse band of right to roam campaigners offers a radical new vision of how people can repair both the natural world and their broken relationship to it -- Patrick Barkham * Guardian *A clarion cry for a mass reconnection with the British countryside, this book explores how our loss and nature's need are intertwined. Blending science, nature writing and philosophy from an array of experts, artists and writers, it encourage the reader to become the whistleblower against environmental destruction and shares inspiring stores of those defending our countryside * National Geographic Traveller *A new kind of politics is brewing. It is both radical and rooted in our history . . . This new book brings together writers and activists who are working towards "a new culture that returns nature to the centre of society". Its title reflects the idea not only of serving the planet by protecting it, but the idea that in doing so, we honour something sacred -- John Harris * Guardian *

Author Biography

Nick Hayes is an author, illustrator, print-maker and political cartoonist. He has published four graphic novels and has worked for Time Out, the New Statesman and the Guardian, among others. He has exhibited across the country, including at the Hayward Gallery. Jon Moses is co-director of the Right to Roam campaign. He has a PhD in GeoHumanities from the University of London and has written essays, profiles and reportage for the GuardianBusinessweek and The Lead.