Wild Mull: A Natural History of the Island and its People


Wild Mull: A Natural History of the Island and its People Authors: , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Pelagic Publishing
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High above the mountaintops on the Isle of Mull, a huge bird is soaring. Its all-encompassing gaze records people in its Hebridean territory far below, but they are of no interest. The eagle is about its business: concentrating on the deer and fidgety hares out grazing in the morning sun, the urgent push of thermals beneath its wings, a threatening weather front way out at sea, and the restless chick back in its eyrie.

This is Mull in its glory. This is what the excited, watching people have travelled so far to witness. They train their binoculars and admire, perhaps envy, the eagle with its vast freedom, knowing that such a self-willed being is part of another world – almost.

This book guides the reader through that world. With superb illustrations and illuminating text, we are led to the wild side of Mull. Every facet of the island’s natural history is considered, its diverse species and many stories – past, present and future.

Along the way we are reminded that wildness is not somehow separate from the human world but influenced, and shared, by nature and people together. Here is the tale of a precious and unique place, a seaborne landscape that displays an uncommon biodiversity and rare wildlife experiences, although today it also faces its greatest challenges. Most of all, this book is testimony to the power of wild places and the duty we have to learn from and protect them.

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This is a very attractive book which deals with a very attractive place which is rich in wildlife. If you are a naturalist visiting Mull then you should read this book, luxuriate in the images, imagine you’ll see all the wildlife and plan your trip ahead of setting off, and take the book with you for your visit. For this is a very good guide to Mull, for those naturally inclined. -- Mark Avery * author and environmental campaigner * The authors' love of Mull and empathy with Scottish culture comes across strongly...It’s the kind of book that deserves a prominent place on the bookshelves of anyone with any kind of interest in Mull and its surrounding islands, and would be invaluable in the rucksack when you are out and about on our beautiful island of Mull. -- Anne Cleave * Mull Historical & Archaeological Society * Every element is given the same attention and balanced approach that clearly stems from a deep love of Mull and its surrounding environment. The images from the island are something special...You get a sense of the joy the authors had in capturing the life and detail in the landscape. -- Kirsteen Bell * The Oban Times * Weaves together the animals, landscapes and people of this incredible island...Poetic in its descriptions of the resident creatures it also effectively gives them a voice and a place in the history and the future of this Hebridean gem. -- Kenny Smith * Scottish Field * A beautiful book and with sumptuous photos of all the species throughout…Wild Mull has been written by two exceptional field naturalists which adds to the enjoyment of the reading experience. Naturalists will love this book. -- Steven Rutherford * Honorary Chairman British Naturalists’ Association * Stephen has delved deep into the history, which makes the book a great reference work. Mull deserves this coverage, and the beautiful pictures taken by Martin Jones greatly enhance the book.  -- John Miles * Scottish Birds * Wild Mull is a wonderful guide to the island, its wildlife, people and history. Profusely illustrated, I would certainly want to read this before visiting, and probably take it with me. -- Gordon Hamlett, Birdwatchers, Best Bird Books of the Year Wild Mull has all the ingredients of a truly enjoyable read. It is a beautiful depiction of a place and a reference guide that does justice to a unique island that fully deserves such masterful coverage. -- Laura C. Thubron, Glasgow Natural History Museum This book is a good meld of natural and human history, anecdotes and facts and a useful reference for those visiting or with an interest in Mull. -- Dan Brown, British Birds Informative, inspiring and a great guide should you ever visit… and you will want to when you’ve read this book! -- Bo Beolens (Fatbirder) Very enjoyable... This is a great book to dip into and interesting facts can be found on just about every page. -- Sandy McNeil * De Tha Dol *

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