Wetlands of Ireland: Distribution, Ecology, Uses and Economic Value


Wetlands of Ireland: Distribution, Ecology, Uses and Economic Value Editor: Marinus L. Otte Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: University College Dublin Press Pages: 256 Illustrations and other contents: 68 photos, 8 maps, 36 tables Language: English ISBN: 9781900621892 Categories: , ,

Ireland is famous – or notorious – for its wet and mild climate. Because on average more water precipitates than evaporates, the island is rich in wetlands – marshes, swamps, fens, bogs, lagoons, floodplains and wet meadows, to name but a few. Many place names in Ireland refer to wet places. Words derived from the Irish language are used to refer to a particular type of wetland, such as “callows” for the floodplains of the River Shannon, or “turlough” for a type of ephemeral wetland found almost exclusively in Ireland. This book brings together specialists in wetland science discussing a wide range of topics from an Irish perspective, including the ecology, fauna, vegetation and distribution of various types of wetlands; the use of wetlands for wastewater management; the archaeology of wetlands; and protection and conservation. It is intended for a wide audience of wetland enthusiasts – not just for professionals, but also for those who through their hobbies have a passion for those wet and wild places.

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"a valuable edition to the bookshelf of all who have an interest in ecology and the formation of our island." Bookview Ireland July 2003 "No one book had brought all the wetlands together, or made the case for their conservation. Distribution, Ecology, Uses and Economic Value is the subtitle, leaving little room to wonder what wetlands are 'good for'." Irish Times, August 2003 "Never was a book so needed to highlight the importance of Ireland's wetlands, many of which are under pressure from building activities, especially in coastal areas and particularly in estuaries ... easy to understand and a wonderful present for a family. It is a must for libraries, policy makers and especially local authority planners." Sherkin Comment 2007