Weights and Measures of Scotland: A European Perspective


Weights and Measures of Scotland: A European Perspective Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: NMSE - Publishing Ltd Pages: 866 Illustrations and other contents: 315 b&w and 12 colour illus Language: English ISBN: 9781901663884 Category:

This the first book to describe the system of weights and measures used in medieval Scotland and to explain its evolution into modern times, and also the first to provide secure and accurate figures for the sizes of the units. The book’s radical approach includes an emphasis on the physical evidence from surviving measurement standards, and it demonstrates that Scotland’s meteorology was sophisticated and was closely involved with those of her trading partners. The book will appeal to a specialist market that includes social, economic and science historians; Scottish historians; weight and scale collectors; museums; and science and technology libraries.

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'At last, in the fog of ancient meaurement, we have a beacon to guide us through.' Professor T C Smout, Historiographer Royal in Scotland '...the most impressive feature ... is how he has achieved presenting such complex material (historical, legal and technical) in such an immensely readable fashion. ... ' Chris Howells, Trading Standards Institute lead officer, metrology 'This volume is of heroic dimensions...and will undoubtedly stand the test of time as an authoritative work.' Prof Jasper McKee, in Physics in Canada 'An essential work of reference for university and pubic libraries... Marked by an evident enthusiasm to communicate the subject to wider audiences.' Dr Richard Sheldon, Economic History Review 'Meticulously researched detail accompanied by wonderful illustrations.' Dr William Ashworth, Technology and Culture

Author Biography

Professor Robin Connor is at the University of Manitoba; Dr Allen Simpson, is retired curator in the Science and Technological History Department, National Museums Scotland; Dr A Morrison-Low is Acting Keeper in the Science and Technological History Department, National Museums Scotland.