Urban Forests : Ecosystem Services & Management


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Urban Forests : Ecosystem Services & Management Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Apple Academic Press
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This new research compendium focuses on urban forestry research and management, while also considering the sociological and community aspects. The book looks at the benefits of urban forests with respect to urban sustainability and human health; issues related to expanding the urban tree canopy; managing urban forests in a community context; and improving our understanding of urban forests through research and practice.

Table of Contents

Part I: The Benefits of Urban Forests. Contribution of Ecosystem Services to Air Quality and Climate Change Mitigation Policies: The Case of Urban Forests in Barcelona, Spain. Modelling Short-Rotation Coppice and Tree Planting for Urban Carbon Management—A Citywide Analysis. Neighborhood Greenspace and Health in a Large Urban Center.
Part II: Expanding the Urban Tree Canopy. Public Reactions to New Street Tree Planting. It’s Not Easy Going Green: Obstacles to Tree-Planting Programs in East Baltimore.
Part III: Managing Urban Forests. A Protocol for Citizen Science Monitoring of Recently-Planted Urban Trees.
Part IV: Improving Our Understanding of Urban Forests. 110 Years of Change in Urban Tree Stocks and Associated Carbon Storage. Biological, Social, and Urban Design Factors Affecting Young Street Tree Mortality in New York City. Tree Diversity in Southern California’s Urban Forest: The Interacting Roles of Social and Environmental Variables. Assessing the Effects of the Urban Forest Restoration Effort of MillionTreesNYC on the Structure and Functioning of New York City Ecosystems.

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