Uplands and Birds (Collins New Naturalist Library) Hardback


Uplands and Birds (Collins New Naturalist Library) Hardback Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: HarperCollins Publishers
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Ian Newton, author of Farming and Birds and Bird Migration returns to the New Naturalist series with a long awaited look at the uplands and its birds. The uplands of Britain are unique landscapes created by grazing animals, primarily livestock. The soils and blanket bogs of the uplands are also the largest stores of carbon in the UK. And 70% of the country’s drinking water comes from the uplands. It’s a significant region, not least to the multitudes of bird species that hunt, forage and nest there.

Once again in Uplands and Birds, Ian Newton demonstrates his mastery of the subject matter at hand. A beautifully illustrated, authoritative addition to the New Naturalist series.

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Praise for Uplands and Birds ‘Everything one would expect from one of the UK’s greatest ornithologists; breadth, depth and clarity … This is a monumental book, and you should read it’ Mark Avery ‘lan Newton gives an in-depth look at all the upland habitats, from bogs to conifer forests, and the wide number of species found in each one. There are numerous colour photos of habitats and birds, with many taken by folk he has met on his travels over his long history of working in this field. Yet another classic in this well-loved series’ Bird Watching magazine Praise for Ian Newton: ‘A masterly and wide-ranging account of the consequences for bird populations of the recent shifts in British farming practices. This book … deserves to be widely read, including, one hopes, by the policy makers of the future.’ BTO News ‘This book is a landmark edition in an already outstanding natural history series, and will make an extremely valuable and treasured addition to the library of anyone serious about birds and their biology.’ Seabirds ‘Truly outstanding – the product of a lifelong inquiry into the annual travels of birds.’ Guardian ‘The New Naturalist series strikes gold with this insight into ultimate avian journeys.’ BBC Wildlife ‘… a work of authority.’ The Daily Telegraph

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