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As we clear millions of hectares of forests globally, the challenge of restoring these precious ecosystems becomes ever more pressing. The stakes are high: a staggering 95% of Earth’s land could succumb to degradation by 2050. While the task might appear straightforward – simply plant millions of trees – the reality is far more perplexing. Haphazard tree-planting in unsuitable locations can wreak havoc on ecosystems and jeopardise the livelihoods of local communities.

The surge of interest in restoring forests has ushered in a wave of greenwashing, where deceptive environmental marketing and scientific mishaps undermine genuine efforts. Yet this new focus also brings forth a plethora of solutions and many rays of hope. Amidst such a complex landscape, cutting-edge science and Indigenous knowledge together can redefine our understanding in a way that not only helps regenerate nature but also allows human communities to thrive.

This original, topical and engaging book navigates the intricate web of forest restoration. It reveals how a nuanced approach is required – one that integrates the latest scientific advancements (for instance in microbial ecology, acoustic technology and epigenetics), Indigenous leadership and a holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of life within these vital ecosystems. Treewilding asks us to reflect on our relationship with trees and how we must see the woods (complex social and ecological systems) for the wood (timber) – a realisation that is perhaps the biggest ‘secret’ to restoring nature.


Treewilding is a major addition to literature on inter-relationships between people, trees, and forests. It takes a broad sweep through environmental and cultural histories of the forest and impacts of deforestation. The author then looks to future restoration with a context of social and ecological values. The book is an important, innovative, and hugely stimulating contribution that demands to be widely read.
—Professor Ian D. Rotherham, Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University

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Author Biography

Jake M. Robinson is a British microbial and restoration ecologist based in Australia. In 2021, he received a PhD from the University of Sheffield. He enjoys researching microbes, ecosystems, social equity issues, and ways to conserve and restore nature. Treewilding is his second book. Invisible Friends was Jake’s first book. It’s all about how microbes shape our lives and the world around us.