Trees, Buildings and Development Sites


Trees, Buildings and Development Sites Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Ltd Pages: 304 Illustrations and other contents: photographs, diagrams, appendices, bibliography, index Language: English ISBN: 9780419184805 Categories: , , , , , ,

Slow growing, often to large sizes, and transcending human generations, trees are an essential component of the landscape. Recognized as being of particular importance in the urban scene, they all too often end up as political footballs used to delay or resist otherwise acceptable development proposals. Whilst both serve society in different ways, buildings and trees are by no means mutually exclusive. Indeed healthy, retained trees provide an instant maturity, adding value to the property. Unfortunately needless damage during construction frequently leads to the trees’ removal or early demise. Development sites can prove equally hostile to new trees – poor stock, poor ground preparation, poor maintenance and protection, inappropriate species, etc, leading to early death or removal through light, space or structural problems. Besides loss of amenity, a considerable amount of time and money is wasted because of a lack of basic knowledge and understanding. Many people involved in development work deal with trees to a greater or lesser extent. This comprehensive volume providing information relevant to trees and their relationship to new and existing buildings, etc, should be of considerable assistance to arboriculturalists, architects, builders, developers, landscape architects, local authorities, property managers, surveyors, town and country planners, statutory undertakers, etc.

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