Trees and Woodlands (British Wildlife Collection No. 12)


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Full Title: Trees and Woodlands (British Wildlife Collection No. 12)
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Features almost 300 colour photographs and brings together more than 60 years of research by a leading voice in British woodland ecology.
Trees define woodland. They provide a complex, multi-layered habitat for a great range of wildlife, but they are also wildlife themselves, reacting to their circumstances and each other. Woodlands are important to people, supplying timber, food and fuel, accumulating carbon, and offering places of refuge and refreshment. But they are also under threat: some stand in the way of progress, and all are becoming increasingly vulnerable to disease and climate change. In Trees and Woodlands, George Peterken brings together decades of scientific research, while also incorporating his personal experiences, to explore the ecology, nature conservation and wider cultural value of our native trees and shrubs, and the various ways they have combined as woodland. Peterken accepts that all woodlands have been shaped by people as well as nature, and he describes the long history of use and management and how this has influenced woodland wildlife. Woodlands have also contributed to our art, beliefs and social attitudes, and this too is examined. He concludes by asking what is next for the trees and woodlands of Britain. He advocates woods being managed and their timber and small wood being put to good use, but recognises that this is all part of a larger question… the future of ourselves.
Containing nearly 300 photographs, and interspersed with box texts describing the history and ecology of representative woods across Britain, this is a commentary on trees, woodlands and our relationship with them from one of our most highly regarded forest ecologists.
ISBN: 9781472987013

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