Tree Risk Assessment Manual


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Tree Risk Assessment Manual: Second Edition

The second edition of the Tree Risk Assessment Manual includes some revisions and new material. This includes guidance for applying Level 1 assessment; an emphasis on establishing a time frame; modified definition of medium likelihood of impact; additional guidance on assessing risk in ” normal weather”; and an emphasis on defining each risk assessed.

The format and most of the content is similar to the previous edition and details the practice and process of assessing trees for risk. The manual highlights the critical steps in the risk assessment process from site analysis to risk evaluation and communicating risk to clients (and everything in between). This publication can be used as a resource to study for the qualification course, as a step-by-step guide to conducting a tree risk assessment, and as a desktop reference for writing reports. A Basic Tree Risk Assessment Form is included, along with a list of common wood decay fungi and a glossary of risk assessment terms.

Levels of Assessment: Target Assessment; Site Assessment; Tree Biology and Mechanics; Tree Inspection and Assessment; Data Analysis and Risk Categorisation; Mitigation; Reporting.

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