Trash or Treasure: Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Waste Management


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Trash or Treasure: Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Waste Management Editors: Anwesha Borthakur, Pardeep Singh Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Springer International Publishing AG
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In this book, we have contributions from experts working on diverse aspects of waste management and waste entrepreneurship with an aim to contribute toward a holistic understanding of the existing and forthcoming waste handling challenges. Waste entrepreneurship refers to the practice of creating and operating businesses that aim to address the problem of waste management. It signifies businesses that are dedicated to finding innovative solutions for managing waste and plays a crucial role in building a sustainable future. Waste entrepreneurs identify waste as a valuable resource and use state-of-the-art tactics to reduce, reuse, recycle, and re-purpose it. By developing new technologies, services, and products that help reduce waste and recycle materials, they can create new economic opportunities while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact of waste. The primary audience of this book are researchers (from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds) working in the field of waste management (especially E-waste, Plastics, Paper and Cardboard Waste, Organic Waste, and Construction and Demolition Waste) and environmental sustainability. This book also contains descriptions of various facets of waste entrepreneurship from different countries which will be helpful for different entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in the waste management sector, NGOs, government agencies, international agencies, and new researchers working in the related fields. In particular, the book could provide start-up ideas to the enthusiastic readers. 

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