Topics in Electron Diffraction and Microscopy of Materials


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Topics in Electron Diffraction and Microscopy of Materials Editor: Peter B. Hirsch Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Ltd Pages: 196 Language: English ISBN: 9780750305389 Categories: ,

Topics in Electron Diffraction and Microscopy of Materials celebrates the retirement of Professor Michael Whelan from the University of Oxford. Professor Whelan taught many of today’s heads of department and was a pioneer in the development and use of electron microscopy. His collaborators and colleagues, each one of whom has made important advances in the use of microscopy to study materials, have contributed to this cohesive work. The book provides a useful overview of current applications for selected electron microscope techniques that have become important and widespread in their use for furthering our understanding of how materials behave. Linked through the dynamical theory of electron diffraction and inelastic scattering, the topics discussed include the history and impact of electron microscopy in materials science, weak-beam techniques for problem solving, defect structures and dislocation interactions, using beam diffraction patterns to look at defects in structures, obtaining chemical identification at atomic resolution, theoretical developments in backscattering channeling patterns, new ways to look at atomic bonds, using numerical simulations to look at electronic structure of crystals, RHEED observations for MBE growth, and atomic level imaging applications.

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