Tiger Beetles: The Evolution, Ecology, and Diversity of the Cicindelids


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Tiger Beetles: The Evolution, Ecology, and Diversity of the Cicindelids Authors: , Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Cornell University Press Pages: 352 Illustrations and other contents: 16-page color insert, 7 tables, 25 charts/graphs, 16 maps, 72 line figures, 19 halftones, 1 combo Language: English ISBN: 9780801438820 Categories: , ,

Tiger beetles are one of the most obvious and ubiquitous families of any insect taxon-some 2300 species are found on nearly all the land surfaces of the earth. Their frequently showy colors, brazen behavior, and ability to live in habitats ranging from dry, alkaline lakebeds to tropical rain forests have captured the interest of amateur and professional entomologists alike. Although tiger beetles have been widely studied, the wealth of knowledge has been synthesized only briefly in a few sources. In Tiger Beetles, David L. Pearson and Alfried P. Vogler provide for the first time a detailed integration and summary of all that is known about the family Cicindelidae. The book’s early chapters cover anatomy, distribution, and natural history. Pearson and Vogler build from these basics to show the usefulness of tiger beetles for exploring questions in genetics, biogeography, ecology, behavior, and conservation. As bioindicators, the tiger beetles present in an area may allow biologists to pinpoint places with the richest diversity of animal and plant life. The use of tiger beetles as model organisms has made possible or greatly enhanced many areas of research, including molecular phylogeny, the function of acute hearing, spatial modeling, and physiology of vision.

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"Are tiger beetles the butterflies of the coleopteran world? Tiger beetles are challenging to collect, many are remarkably colorful, and they have a strong appeal to amateur enthusiasts.... Pearson and Vogler... help explore the complexity and significance of tiger beetle biology, without leaving the tiger beetle aficionados behind.... But in placing cicindelid research in the context of broad biological questions, the authors appeal to a much broader audience. Just as research on butterfly biology has led to profound insights into areas of biology as diverse as selection, migration, co-evolution, and chemical ecology, Pearson and Vogler argue that tiger beetles are 'ideal models for testing general patterns of phylogeny, ecology, behavior, and physiology.' We couldn't agree more, and this fine volume provides an excellent foundation for new research." -- Leon G. Higley and William J. Allgeier, University of Nebraska-Lincoln * The Coleopterists Bulletin * "This book provides an excellent and exhaustive overview of the diversity, evolution, and ecology of the tiger beetles, Cicindelidae. The authors shall have great credit for their attempt to assemble all information on this amazing group of insects in one place." -- Nils Moller Andersen * Insect Syst Evol * "With numerous full-color photographs and drawings, as well as black-and-white figures and maps, this book is an excellent source of information on the approximately 2,300 species of tiger beetles found on practically all the land masses of the Earth.... This book will do much to encourage people to take a further interest in tiger beetles." * Northeastern Naturalist *