This Fissured Land, Second Edition: An Ecological History of India


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This Fissured Land, Second Edition: An Ecological History of India Authors: , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: OUP India Pages: 312 Language: English ISBN: 9780198077442 Categories: , , , , ,

This Fissured Land, first published in 1992, presents an interpretative history ecological history of the Indian subcontinent. It offers a theory of ecological prudence and profligacy, testing this theory across the wide sweep of South Asian history. The book especially focuses on the use and abuse of forest resources. In Part One, the authors present a general theory of ecological history. Part Two provides a fresh interpretative history of pre-modern India along with an ecological interpretation of the caste system. In Part Three, the authors draw upon a huge wealth of source material in their socio-ecological analysis of the modes of resource use introduced in India by the British. The Second Edition comes with a new Preface by the authors.

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Author Biography

Madhav Gadgil is former Professor of Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Ramachandra Guha is one of India's best-known historians, and a full-time author and columnist.