Thinking Like a Plant: A Living Science for Life


Thinking Like a Plant: A Living Science for Life Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: SteinerBooks, Inc Pages: 224 Illustrations and other contents: colour illustrations Language: English ISBN: 9781584201441 Categories: , , , ,

We often instinctively feel that our lives would be better if we lived closer to nature. In this unique book, Craig Holdrege offers a specific, practical way of taking that step which, he argues, will signficantly benefit ourselves and our world: starting to think like a plant. Plants are both dynamic and resilient, intimately connected to their environment. If we can slow down, Holdrege explains, study plants carefully and consciously internalise how they live, a transformation will begin inside us. We will become more fluid and dynamic, more strongly embedded in our world, and more sensitive and responsive. These are qualities that we need as a culture and a society if we are to be sustainable. This is a surprisingly practical guide to a new way to relate to our environment.

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Author Biography

Dr Craig Holdrege is Director of The Nature Institute in Ghent, New York. He is the author of A Question of Genes, and The Giraffe's Long Neck. He teaches and lectures worldwide.