The Tree Climber’s Companion 2nd Edition


The Tree Climber’s Companion 2nd Edition Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Beaver Tree Publishing
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The Tree Climber’s Companion is a revised and fully expanded reference and training field manual for professional tree climbers.

The book is packed with information on climbing techniques, equipment selection, and the best knots and tools of the trade. Each page also includes detailed illustrations. Chapters include pre-climb inspection, rope installation, entering the tree, positioning in the tree, knots for the tree climber, and equipment suppliers.

This is a great pocket guide for anyone just starting out, experienced professionals looking to learn new tricks or as a training manual in the field.

The author, Jeff Jepson is a certified arborist and tree service owner. This means that the information comes from first-hand, professional experience. Bryan Kotwica provides the climbing and tree equipment illustrations for the book. He is also a professional tree climber as well as a professional artist. This means the illustrations are clear, well-drawn, and come from someone with direct experience of tree climbing techniques and equipment.

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