The Sphagnum Moss Bonsai Method: An Illustrated Handbook


The Sphagnum Moss Bonsai Method: An Illustrated Handbook Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: McFarland & Co Inc Pages: 199 Illustrations and other contents: 249 photographs (30 in colour) Language: English ISBN: 9780786462926 Categories: ,

Most bonsai enthusiasts are familiar with the process of growing these miniature trees in soil, a method that dates back 2000 years. This instructional book explains a new method of growing bonsai trees in sphagnum moss, producing beautiful results with far less work than the traditional method. All topics pertinent to the growing of bonsai trees in sphagnum moss are covered, including watering, fertilizing, trimming and pruning, anti-fungicides and insecticides, bonsai styles and diagnosing problems. A huge improvement over traditional practices, the sphagnum moss method makes the growing of miniature trees much quicker and easier and opens the hobby to a wider range of enthusiasts. This handbook is appropriate for both horticulturalists and amateurs.

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Gerald M. Levitt is the YouTube host of Adventures in Bonsai with more than 200 videos posted, exploring the growth and maintenance of bonsai trees.