The Species Problem: A Conceptual History


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The Species Problem: A Conceptual History Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Taylor & Francis Ltd
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Provides new insights into the persistent species “problem.” Focuses on conceptual history and identifies pivotal landmarks in the history of the concept of species Argues for a scientific consistency of species pluralism. Discusses the “evolving species-hood” in the context of new essentialism.

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Author Biography

Igor Ya. Pavlinov was, until his retirement in 2018, a leading researcher and chief of the Mammal Division at the Zoological Museum at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Currently, he is the curator of mammals at this museum. His principal research interests are in theoretical taxonomy and phylogenetics, systematics of mammals, and morphometrics. He is the author of several dozen books on natural history, including: Cladistic Analysis: Methodological Aspects (1990), Evolution of Life (2001), Systematics of Mammals of the World (2003), Foundation of the Contemporary Phylogenetics (2005), Nomenclature in Systematics (2015) and its successor Taxonomic Nomenclature-What's in a Name: Theory and History (2022), Foundation of Biological Systematics (2018) and its successor Biological Systematics: History and Theory (2021), Mammals of Russia: A Reference and Guide (2019), several books on particular orders and families of mammals, etc.