The South Yorkshire Plant Atlas


The South Yorkshire Plant Atlas Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Yorkshire Naturalists' Union.
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The South Yorkshire Plant Atlas is a lavishly illustrated, full colour Flora. This major work details over 2000 vascular plant species, with 1 km square distribution maps for around 1000 taxa, and contains upwards of 200,000 individual records collected since 2001. There is comprehensive treatment of the climate, vegetation and soils; a chapter on botanical history since 1597; a guided tour of botanical ‘hotspots’; a section on alien and introduced plants; a complete guide to the geology of the area, and a section on plant conservation. Also included are a gazetteer of place names plus grid references, glossary, bibliography and index with Latin and English names.

This is the first fully documented Flora for the former South Yorkshire Metropolitan County, containing the Districts of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. The area ranges from the Pennine moorland plateau in the west, through the central Coal Measure woodland and mixed agricultural/industrial belt, to the varied Magnesian Limestone country and the famous lowland peat habitats of Thorne and Hatfield Moors in the east, the altitude ranging from 2000 feet on the Pennine tops, down to sea level east of Doncaster.

An essential reference work for everyone interested in the natural history of the region: academic, professional ecologist/land manager and amateur botanist/wildlife enthusiast. It provides a baseline against which human impact and environmental change across a dynamic and varied landscape can be assessed in the future.

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