The Silviculture of Trees Used in British Forestry 2nd ed Hardback


The Silviculture of Trees Used in British Forestry 2nd ed Hardback Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: CABI Publishing Pages: 288 ISBN: 9781780640266 Category:

Fully updated throughout, this new edition describes the silvicultural characteristics of trees commonly grown in the UK, including all important native species and a selection of some of the most significant exotics. With details of climatic zones, soils, productivity, pests and diseases, this book provides concise but detailed information regarding the establishment and management of forests. Detailed drawings of leaves and fruits are also provided to aid with identification, making this a useful resource for students and forestry professionals.

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"This book will help you grow the right tree, in the right place and the right way, for the right reason."--Chartered Forester "As with the original publication, the new edition is also a must for anyone interested in forestry and all those with an interest in the wide range of trees found in forests in these islands."--Irish Forestry "The first edition of this book was good, this revised second edition is better including more recent information in an accessible format with an improved index. This is a valuable compendium for anyone who wants or needs to know detailed information about the characteristics of individual tree species and would be a useful aid to selecting the right species for a site."--Dr Ralph Harmer "It is having a breadth of knowledge encompassed in one book which makes it so valuable."--Woodland Heritage 2014 "I found the text to be easy to read, authoritative, and informative, and the author and the publishers are to be congratulated on producing this timely revision of a book that can do much to educate and remind British foresters of the importance of understanding the silvicultural characteristics of the species they deploy."--Scottish Forestry

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Peter S. Savill is Chairman of the Trustees of the Sylva Foundation.