The Names Of Plants – Paperback Fourth Edition


The Names Of Plants – Paperback Fourth Edition Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press
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New fourth edition of an invaluable reference for botanists and horticulturalists. The first section of the book gives an historic account of the significant changes in the ways by which plants have been known and named. It documents the problems associated with the ever-increasing number of common names of plants, and the resolution of these problems. The second section comprises a glossary of generic and specific plant names, and components of these. This greatly expanded glossary includes the Greek, Latin or other source of each plant name. PB. 426pp

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'This small book holds an incredible amount of information ... a handy reference for anyone learning about plants ... Understanding the history behind the rules of nomenclature should help the professional, student, and gardener alike to comprehend why plants are named the way they are.' Horticultural Science '... I judge a book, mostly, by how much I learn from it. And I learned a lot from this one.' Systematic Botany 'A remarkably useful and interesting little book ... should be on the bookshelf of every biologist.' Biological Conservation 'The entire book is written in such a way that a person with limited botanical background can understand it, yet it does not come across as trivial or boring to the professional ... The book is excellent.' William J. Crins, The Canadian Field-Naturalist '... thoroughly recommended as a scholarly and carefully produced guide to plant names and meanings.' Countryside ... twice the size of the last edition with over 17,000 entries. ... the 380 page glossary [is] the book's value and fascination. ... In short, this book is a treasure - anyone with a glimmer of interest in plants should have a copy.' The Biologist '... The increase in information is incredible. The authors of the family treatments and specialists that have contributed to this volume are warmly complimented on the results. ... This is an extremely useful, valuable and essential contribution and it is recommended to all who want to know what names 'mean'. I am going to buy this book.' Blumea