The Light Trapping of Insects Influenced by the Sun and Moon in Europe, Australia and the USA


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The Light Trapping of Insects Influenced by the Sun and Moon in Europe, Australia and the USA Editors: Lionel Hill, Laszlo Nowinszky, Janos Puskas Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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This book deals with the influence of solar activity and its terrestrial effects in connection with the light trapping of insects. It examines issues such as the interplanetary magnetic field, ionospheric disturbances, tropopause, geomagnetic field, ground-level disturbances, tropospheric ozone content, and twilights phenomena, among others. Bringing together data from a huge amount of moths from Hungary, Australia, and the USA, it demonstrates that the role of the Sun has a multifaceted effect on the flight activity of moths, an unprecedented finding in the literature. The book will appeal to special libraries, research institutes, university departments, entomological societies, and entomologists.

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Author Biography

Dr Laszlo Nowinszky, PhD, is the author of 385 studies, 15 books, and three book chapters. His research fields include entomology, insect ecology, insect ethology, and plant protecting prognosis, and he was the recipient of the Albert Szent-Gyoergyi Award in 1996.Dr Janos Puskas, PhD, is the author of 308 studies, and his research interests include applied meteorology, climatology, and the history of geoscience. He was the recipient of the Samuel Teleki Medallion in 2020 and the Guido Schenzl Award.Lionel Hill is an agricultural entomologist. He served the Tasmanian State Agricultural Agency as an entomologist from 1985 to 2018.