The Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland. 2nd edition.


The Lichens of Great Britain and Ireland. 2nd edition. Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: British Lichen Society Pages: 47 Illustrations and other contents: 49 line illustrations ISBN: 9780954041885 Categories: , ,

The standard reference for identification.
The Lichen Flora of Great Britain and Ireland published in 1992 was an outstanding achievement for British Lichenology. It was a pioneering work and the first of its type in Europe. This much enlarged revision reflects the considerable accumulation of new
information that has occurred since the publication of the first edition and is symptomatic of the enormous advances in lichen taxonomy over the last two decades. There are keys to 327 genera and 1873 species, which is an increase of 386 species since it was first published. The publication provides detailed information on morphology, chemistry and distribution for each species written in language that is readily accessible, avoiding obscure terminology. Both the glossary and introductory sections have been expanded and the latter includes helpful advice on the identification and examination of lichens.

The preparation of this new treatment has involved a large number of contributors both in the UK and overseas and represents the culmination of lichen studies at this time.

This book is undoubtedly the standard work for the identification of lichens in Great Britain and Ireland and will be indispensable to all serious students of British, Irish and overseas lichenology and other biologists working in related fields of ecology, pollution, chemical and environmental studies.

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