The Inductive Brain in Development and Evolution


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The Inductive Brain in Development and Evolution Author: Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Elsevier Science & Technology Pages: 266 Language: English ISBN: 9780323851541 Categories: , , , , ,

The Inductive Brain in Development and Evolution provides readers with a substantial biological education on animal nervous systems and their role in the development, adaptation, homeostasis and evolution of species. The book delving into the embryonic development of the brain and then discusses epigenetic information and neural activity post-birth. It then analyzes the inductive brain’s neural and brain control of such factors like myogenesis, bone development, sensory organs, metamorphosis in vertebrates and invertebrates, and wing development in insects. The book closes with an examination of phenotypic evolution in neural control, mechanisms, and drivers of animal brains.

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Author Biography

Dr. Nelson R. Cabej is the author of Epigenetic Principles Of Evolution (Elsevier, 2011) and Building The Most Complex Structure On Earth (Elsevier, 2013), in which he examines the role of epigenetic mechanisms in organismal evolution. He has published more than 40 scientific articles and 10 books in English and his native language of Albanian on evolutionary biology, epigenetics, and developmental biology. Dr. Cabej earned his Ph.D. in biology at the University of Tirana, Albania, and presently serves as a researcher in the Department of Biology at the university. He has previously taught biology at William Paterson College, Wayne, N.J, USA.