The Genus Inocybe in Bavaria (English edition)


The Genus Inocybe in Bavaria (English edition) Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: NuAge Print and Copy ISBN: 9780956932105 Category:

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Translated from German into English by Braddock, A., Andrews, A., Taylor, J. — Editors: Cullington, P., McAdam, A.

This new edition of Stangl’s excellent monograph on Inocybe was originally published by the Regensburg Botany Society in the journal Hoppea (vol.46). Although based on a life’s work in Bavaria the book covers species found throughout central Europe and is applicable to other regions including Britain.

Previously unavailable in English, this translation is the outcome of a British Mycological Society Workshop on the Genus Inocybe in 2009.
Dr Andreas Bresinsky, who was central in the production of the original German edition says, ‘The commitment and care towards this undertaking which this group has displayed is worthy of the highest recognition.’

The translation preserves all the original text, with descriptions of individual species on one page and Stangl’s precise microscopic drawings on the facing page. This has resulted in reduction of the size of some of the original drawings. The size of the book pages has been increased (to B5 from A5), to compensate for this. Johann Stangl’s colour plates are reproduced as faithfully as possible using his original watercolours (lent by Dr Bresinsky) for comparison. The book contains Stangl’s key to the genus and an updated Index which includes a column stating the frequency of each species in Britain. This is also indicated in the species descriptions thus providing a checklist of British species. It is the intention of the authors to update this list and to inform all purchasers of this book of changes regularly.

The Genus Inocybe in Bavaria is the only text in English dealing in such detail with the genus, Kuyper’s revision of the genus Inocybe in Europe (1986) only covering smooth-spored species excluding Mallocybe and having no illustrations.

This is a reprint of the original English edition in 2011 with typographical errors corrected.

Paperback 344 pages, b&w illustrations throughout and 38 colour plates

The only comprehensive and illustrated guide to the genus in English
138 species, varieties and forms are described both macro- and micro-scopically and illustrated by 38 colour plates.
A key to smooth-spored and nodulose-spored Inocybes is given.

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