The genus Araucaria – An illustrated overview of its species


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In the present work the phylogeny of conifers regarding the genus Araucaria is briefly addressed and followed by a part about the geographic range of living Araucaria species. A geological timetable and an overview of the continental drift of the prehistoric Gondwana-continent in geological times completes the section.

With the help of a world map the fossil occurrences and the geographic range of living Araucaria species is illustrated.

Next, the comparative description of the Araucaria species is highlighted with the help of a previously unknown and unpublished photo selection, which hopefully might contribute to a better understanding of the genus. The characteristics of the genus and their grouping by sections are quoted from Golte (1993). The genera Agathis and Wollemia which belong to the family Araucariaceae are outlined with text and some illustrations.

Thereafter, all 19 Araucaria species of the world are described in a small text, followed by a distribution map, a brief botanical description, a front image and several special photos. Each species is accompanied by a photo of a sample of understory plants typical for the habitat. Next synonyms and native and, if present, foreign-language names are mentioned. Because New Caledonia is francophone there are only universal terms like “Pin colonnaire” or “Pin de montagne” for all Araucaria species. Terms in English are only known for Araucaria columnaris, German terms are artificial and neither useful nor correct. To avoid irritation these terms are not used. The same is true for the Kanak-clan terms, because there are more than 10 names for only one species.

The species descriptions are followed by some completing remarks about sowing, planting and breeding and a comparison of species regarding plants, seeds and timber features. Furthermore, several explorers and researchers are presented who are acknowledged with Araucaria naming.
Introduction 15
Phylogeny 15
Range 22
Endangerment and Exploitation 24

Taxonomy 28
Family Araucariaceae, Genus Araucaria 28
Famille Araucariaceae, Genus Agathis 29
Famille Araucariaceae, Genus Wollemia 33

The Araucaria Species 35
Section Eutacta 36
Araucaria bernieri 37
Araucaria biramulata 45
Araucaria columnaris 53
Araucaria humboldtensis 67
Araucaria laubenfelsii 75
Araucaria luxurians 85
Araucaria montana 93
Araucaria muelleri 101
Araucaria nemorosa 111
Araucaria rulei 121
Araucaria schmidii 131
Araucaria scopulorum 139
Araucaria subulata 149
Araucaria cunninghamii 157
Araucaria heterophylla 167
Sektion Intermedia 178
Araucaria hunsteinii 179
Sektion Bunya 188
Araucaria bidwillii 189
Sektion Columbea 198
Araucaria angustifolia 199
Araucaria araucana 211

Further information 223
Araucaria – Explorers and Researchers 223
Araucaria – Distinctive Features – Examples 227
Araucaria – Seeds – Examples 229
Araucaria – Seedlings and young plants 231
Araucaria – Wood Characteristics – an Example 234
Araucaria – Sowing and Planting of Araucaria in Central Europe 235
On the way to the last Araucaria-forests 239
IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources 240
Bibliography 241

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