The Flower of the European Orchid: Form and Function


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Second-Hand Hardback | Published by: Klaessens,J. & Kleynen,J. 2011 | ISBN: 9789090255569. 1st Edition. Book Condition – Fine. Dust Jacket – Fine. Condition:Fine 440, col + b/w photos. A4. signed by both authors.This book provides an elaborate overview of all aspects of the orchid flower. From each genus the following aspects are illustrated: habitat, flower close-ups, macrophotographs of the column, rosette and capsules; flower diagrams; SEM-photographs of pollinia, pollinaria or pollen grains, microscopic sections of the flower and pollinators.In the introductory chapter, the terminology is explained and illustrated with many macro-photographs. Included are various tables about all known pollinators, fruit set, bending speed of the caudicles, an overview of all autogamous species with mode of autogamy and seed number per capsule. An extensive bibliography provides a survey of all old and recent literature.

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