The Eurasian Beaver Handbook. Ecology and Management of Castor fiber


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The Eurasian Beaver Handbook. Ecology and Management of Castor fiber Author: Format: Paperback First Published: Published By: Pelagic Publishing Pages: 214 Illustrations and other contents: 16 Figures; 5 Tables, black and white; 161 Illustrations, color ISBN: 9781784271138 Categories: ,

A group of experts offer practical advice on the the benefits and challenges in living with this species, and collate the wide range of techniques that can be
implemented to mitigate any negative impacts

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... I recommend Eurasian Beaver Handbook for land managers, policy writers, and landowners interested in managing European landscapes that include, or may potentially include, beavers. ... Although this book focuses on the European beaver, practitioners in North America also could benefit from reading this book to compare management styles, tools, and techniques. -- Jimmy D. Taylor, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, National Wildlife Research Center * Journal of Wildlife Management * The authors of this handbook include many of the most significant names in beaver conservation in Europe, drawing on a wide range of experiences and perspectives, which gives this book great depth and insight.... For me, working on the River Otter Beaver Trial here in Devon, this book is already providing a quick reference guide which I'm finding easy to use and full of valuable information. It is well organised and referenced and will become vital for those managing land which beavers recolonise in the decades ahead. -- Mark Elliott * ECOS *

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The authors of this handbook are experienced in working with both wild and captive beavers. This collaboration has involved a truly international range of experts. Their breadth of experience (constituting 201 years between them) and abilities range from academics actively involved in research to wildlife managers working in the field on mitigation and conservationists promoting beaver reintroduction.