The Ecology of Seeds


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The Ecology of Seeds Authors: , Format: Paperback / softback First Published: Published By: Cambridge University Press Pages: 264 Illustrations and other contents: 2 Tables, unspecified; 48 Line drawings, unspecified Language: English ISBN: 9780521653688 Categories: ,

What determines the number and size of the seeds produced by a plant? How often should it reproduce them? How often should a plant produce them? Why and how are seeds dispersed, and what are the implications for the diversity and composition of vegetation? These are just some of the questions tackled in this wide-ranging review of the role of seeds in the ecology of plants. The authors bring together information on the ecological aspects of seed biology, starting with a consideration of reproductive strategies in seed plants and progressing through the life cycle, covering seed maturation, dispersal, storage in the soil, dormancy, germination, seedling establishment, and regeneration in the field. The text encompasses a wide range of concepts of general relevance to plant ecology, reflecting the central role that the study of seed ecology has played in elucidating many fundamental aspects of plant community function.

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'The Ecology of Seeds is an invaluable book and a must-have for all students and researchers concerned with seed ecology.' Basic and Applied Ecology '... a major strength of this book is the care that the authors take throughout to set their review in the context of current ecological thinking and debate.' Annals of Botany 'Its accessible style will make it useful to all those interested in plant ecology, whether amateur, student, or those seeking to start or already engaged in related research.' Biologist 'The editorial work of the book is of the highest standard ... I am sure that the science of ecology will benefit significantly from this book, which can be recommended to any researcher dealing with natural or semi-natural vegetation, and especially to plant ecologists, foresters or nature conservationists. For seed ecologists, Fenner and Thompson's book is a must.' Community Ecology 'A concise synthesis of seed ecology, this book makes an excellent undergraduate text. Extensive referencing and evaluation of current debates also makes it valuable for postgraduates and a welcome refresher for seasoned practitioners.' Journal of Experimental Agriculture "Reading this book will provide a person with the background to proceed further into the seed ecology literature, and the references will point him/her in the right direction to do this. This book is an excellent starting point for those interested in seed ecology." Jerry M. Baskin "The Ecology of Seeds is written in a lively style, is well edited and attractively laid out, and is very readable. I highly recommend The Ecology of Seeds to anyone interested in seeds, germination ecology, and regeneration of plant communities." Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society "presents everything there is to know on seeds and their relationship to plant life, diversity, and ecology." Connie Krochmal, editor of BellaOnline's Cacti and Succulents "this is the best single introduction to the literature that we have, useful to students at all levels." ecoscience David F. Green, Concordia University

Author Biography

Michael Fenner is senior lecturer in ecology in the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton, UK. Ken Thompson is a research fellow and an honorary senior lecturer in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield, UK.