The Deck of Mushrooms: An illustrated field guide to fascinating fungi


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The Deck of Mushrooms: An illustrated field guide to fascinating fungi Author: Illustrator: Marta Zafra Format: Cards First Published: Published By: Smith Street Books
Illustrations and other contents: 51 colour illustrations Language: English ISBN: 9781922754332 Categories: , , , , , , , ,

Mushrooms have existed for millennia, which can make it overwhelming to dip into mycology. Used throughout human history for food, medicine and expanding the consciousness, fungi has shaped the planet and the past, appearing everywhere from fairy tales and health food stores to The X-Files. There’s an entire universe of fungi, much of which is yet to be discovered. To read about the basics, The Deck of Mushrooms features 50 types, including the glowing ghost fungus, the giant Chi-Ngulu-Ngulu, the sky-blue pinkgill and the trooping crumble cap. On each of these 50 beautifully illustrated cards, learn about a different fungi’s habitat, their uses, and their history to become a budding expert in mycology.

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Author Biography

Dr. Sapphire McMullan-Fisher is an ecologist who has special interest in the conservation of biodiversity, particularly the macrofungi and mosses. Having lived in four states of Australia's states and traveled across its varied landscapes, she has been involved in many fungal community groups over the years. She particularly enjoys getting out into the bush to discover fungal treasures as often as she can.