The Cry of the Wild: Tales of sea, woods and hill


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The Cry of the Wild: Tales of sea, woods and hill Author: Format: Hardback First Published: Published By: Transworld Publishers Ltd
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A fox, grown strong on pepperoni pizza from the dustbins of the East End, dances along a railway track towards Essex, the territory of wild foxes and wilder huntsmen. An orca, mourning the loss of her mother in a valley west of Skye, knows that she must now lead the pod as matriarch. She swims again through her childhood, thinking about the old ways, the old roads, laid down thousands of years ago. But the old roads aren’t so easy now. At moonrise in a West Country river, an otter floats slowly downstream. The tide, though it pushes him landwards when it exhales, seems to pull him out when it inhales. He turns on his back. He can see the stars clearly for the first time and wonders if he can swim to them. The wild has never stopped waiting. It has only ever been in exile, right under our noses, waiting to confound, outrage and re-enchant.

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Utterly exhilarating. Cry of the Wild gives us the chance to viscerally inhabit the lives of a cast of wild creatures as they navigate the rigours of a changed world. By turns tragic and joyful, every story yields fascinating insights into the way our fellow earthlings make their way through life. Through their eyes, we see ourselves, and the unholy ecological havoc we're wreaking. With the power both to move and to shame us, this book demands that we change our ways. -- Lee Schofield, author of Wild Fell

Author Biography

Charles Foster is a New York Times bestselling author whose work has been nominated for the Baillie Gifford Prize and the Wainwright Prize for nature writing, and won the 30 Millions d'Amis prize in France. Both a qualified barrister and a qualified veterinary surgeon, he is a fellow of Exeter College at the University of Oxford, and has particular passions for waves, foxes, mountains, deer, deserts and the Byzantine world.